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🧁 JamCake is an online service that allows content creators to monetize their creativity, host online broadcasts, courses or streaming events. It's a home for fitness coaches, podcasters, course writers, video game streamers, chefs, social media influencers, artists, bloggers, and many other content creators.

It's an online platform with elements of social networking and crowdfunding that allows people to create and maintain their own personal blog and communicate with the audience. The service gives content creators the opportunity to organize digital workspace for shoring up their creativity and also allows subscribers to form a conscious approach to content consumption by financially supporting their favourite authors.

<aside> 🌎 JamCake is designed for and accessible to everyone, from the unknown novice illustrator with no subscribers to the popular blogger or musician with an audience of millions.





We focus on personalization of content (with a recommendation system and smart feed) and pay special attention to ease of use of the service combined with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The service is built around free and paid content and allows users to share it and make one-time or regular unconditional donations as well as buy memberships (subscription model) with access to regular paid content from their favourite creators.

Our Mission & Values

🔴 We build great international community for creators and fans from all over the world.

🟢 We support conscious approach to content consumption.

🟣 We promote social responsibility.

✍️ FOR AUTHORS: To help authors get a basic income so that they can start doing what they love.

👏 FOR USERS: Conscious content consumption. Social responsibility. Direct communication.

Our competitive advantages

Product & UX

User-Friendly interface

Advanced post editor

Messenger for direct communication

Marketplace for digital content, products and services

Support for all content formats